Monday, 22 April 2013

What temperature should my hair straightener be set at?

What temperature should my hair straightener be set at?

Even though many hair straighteners can be set as high as 230ºC not many of us should actually be using it that high. Here is a simple guide so that you can select the right temperature setting for your hair.

  • Is your hair fine? Do you bleach, lighten or colour your hair regularly with permanent colours? Has your hair been damaged by perming or chemical straightening treatments? Then your straightener should be set at around 160ºC. You do not want to risk damaging your hair any further by overheating. You will also find by using a lower heat on your hair straightener you will get a smoother result with less frizzy ends.
  • If you have healthy hair, meaning you use good quality shampoo and conditioners appropriate for your hair type, use treatments when necessary, do not over colour your hair and it is a medium texture then you can use your hair straightener at around 190ºC. You are better to use a moderate temperature, take your time when straightening and go over a section when needed then to rush it and damage your hair with too much heat.
  • For those with thick, coarse hair, tight curls and has not been previously damaged by colouring or other chemical treatments then set your hair straightener to 210º-230ºC. If you straighten regulary then don't go as high as 230º.

The best hair straighteners have a temperature control, if your doesn't then you are more than likely straightening your hair too hot. Many of the more expensive straighteners still do not have this feature.
You should use a heat protective product before you straighten your hair unless you have a straightener that has a negative ionizer. The negative ions help to close the hair cuticle which will make your hair look silky, shiny and healthy.

                                       Hair straightener and curler with adjustable temperature 140º-210ºC